The PSI team is geared up for supporting students at the beginning, and throughout, school year. Counseling support will be provided at all grade levels, and counselors will reach out to students who are facing challenges in staying on track with the expectations for learning or in terms of emotional and or social well-being.


Parents are asked to discuss with their children the serious implications of not following safety protocols.


Student Support

We know students will need time to process what they have experienced so far in 2020, and to prepare for the new look and feel learning environment. School staff will identify specific targets for support based on the following data:

  • A student survey regarding both learning and social-emotional needs

  • A review of students who struggled during the spring closure who may need additional support in the new school year


Primary homerooms and secondary advisories will focus on adjusting to the ‘new normal’ by ensuring that students have opportunities to share their experiences and connect with each other.


We will continue to use and adapt resources already in place such as counsellors, ‘Safety Net’ and programmes for identified learning needs such as Learning Support and English as an Additional Language (EAL).


Advisory Programme

The Secondary School is launching an Advisory Programme, where small groups of 6-10 students will meet with an advisor daily, either on-campus or via Zoom if the group is off-campus that day.  This programme promotes a student-centred learning environment within a small group, enabling it to be responsive to the needs of all students.  


Through our Advisory Programme, we foster meaningful relationships, to cultivate empathy, and to encourage a journey of self-discovery in a safe and supportive community.  Through these enhanced relationships, we are able to support each other through any challenges that might arise.  During the initial advisory meetings, groups will focus on the social and emotional aspects of transitioning back to school.


Social-Emotional Learning

At PSI, we recognise the importance of social-emotional development in the holistic growth of our students.  A focus on social-emotional needs is even more critical during times of crisis and uncertainty.  As such, we are placing additional emphasis on helping students to develop and maintain personal skills and social connections.


Parent Support

To support our parents we will work closely with the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) and offer the following:

  • Events including coffee mornings, International Day, Wine and Cheese Event for new parents, Parent Education Tuesdays (PETs) and Parent Teacher Association (PTA) meetings - online / blended as necessary 

  • A system of Parent Ambassadors to actively engage with new families

  • Classroom parents checking-in with families monthly, or more often as needed.  Classroom parents and Parent Ambassadors informing school counsellors if there are any family wellbeing concerns  

  • Interactive PTA activities, e.g., book clubs, cooking classes, guest speakers, physical fitness classes, English instruction, mindfulness classes and others.  

  • Guidance on how best to support children academically and emotionally. 

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