Welcome to the School Year 2021-22!

Director's Update / June 2021

PSI is planning to welcome all students and staff safely back to the school campus on a full time, daily basis, from August 2021. In-person instruction will be the primary mode of learning for all PSI students during the 2021 - 22 school year.

PSI will continue to use the current mitigation strategies (masks, physical distancing, hand-washing) in order to reduce the possibilities of transmission of COVID-19. Physical distancing guidelines will remain at the revised (March 2021) CDC requirement of 3 feet between students inside wearing masks for primary aged students, and 6 feet for secondary aged students.

Students will resume in-person learning regardless of their vaccination status.

We are excited to refocus our efforts on in-person teaching and learning for all. We intend to begin 2021-22 in celebratory style; to create a dynamic, ‘can-do’ atmosphere and provide motivation, energy and hope to our brave students. Our three pronged strategic plan; Personalised, Balanced and Thinking, will continue to guide us as we prepare the foundations for progress and success by building strong relationships and attending to well-being. In particular, we shall be utilising tools and strategies to personalise further the learning stories for every student. Parents will also receive personalised suggestions for some summer learning that students can dig into after, of course, taking a well-deserved rest.

Healthy, Happy & Learning Together:

Back to School Guide

This back-to-school resource guide is created to help families understand our plans and prepare their children and themselves, for the new school year.

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COVID-19 Procedures

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Health and Safety 

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Return to Full-Time Learning on Campus

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Co-Curricular Programme

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