Life After PSI

PSI is proud of its track record for post-secondary placements around the world. Our goal is always to find the ‘best fit’ for each student, based on career goals, location, finances and personal interests.

For some students, that has meant attending prestigious universities like Harvard, Stanford, Oxford and the London School of Economics. For others, it has meant smaller schools for the arts, business, or hospitality. Some students choose to take a gap year, serve in their country’s military, or join the workforce right after high school. Whatever the goal, PSI works to help students and their families make the right choice at the right time.

In addition, we also help students who leave Kyiv and PSI before their graduation. We work with each student’s new school as well as supporting children and families handling the many emotions that are tied to saying farewell.

Wherever and whenever students leave PSI, we are poised to help. 

Supporting Students’ Transitions:

PSI supports its students in the following ways:

For all departing students: 
  • Assisting with paperwork like report cards, transcripts, awards, and references

  • Providing on site entrance testing for a small fee

  • Helping students make the emotional transition by providing a positive ‘farewell’ and encouraging an optimistic view of the future.

  • Offering an Alumni Association so that students can stay connected to friends and faculty from PSI

For graduating seniors:
  • Providing homeroom lessons from Grade 9 onwards that help students focus on career and university choices

  • Offering parent workshops that outline the college application process

  • Welcoming university representatives from around the world for lunchtime sessions with students looking for the right school

  • Informing and supporting students in registering for college entrance examinations like the SAT, ACT, TOEFL and others

  • Guiding families through the process of selecting the ‘best fit’ for each student 

  • Working with students throughout the application process, including support in writing their personal statements, setting appropriate timelines, and making personal connections to university admissions offices

  • Following up with students after graduation to ensure that they are appropriately placed, and providing additional support as needed