Application Checklist

We accept applications throughout the year and practise rolling enrolment to accommodate expatriate families who relocate at various times. Applications for the current year are still open, subject to space availability. 

In order to complete the application process for your child, please submit all documents that are listed at the Admission Portal (in PDF format) translated to English, otherwise your application will not be considered. A candidate will be considered for enrolment after receipt of all required registration documents.


Your application is complete when all documentation has been submitted. Please use this checklist to make sure that you have completed your application, as we cannot consider your child for admission without all the documentation:

Step 1. A completed online pre-application form

Step 2. Completed Admission Portal fields, which include:
  1. Recent Student's Photo
  2. Copy of a student’s passport (1st page)
  3. Copies of parents' passports (1st page)
  4. Immunisation Records 
  5. Birth Certificate 
  6. Copies of your child’s Report Cards, particularly from the most recent school year. Please provide original copies and translations into English if needed. It is also helpful to have an explanation of the grading system. 
    Grades 1 - 3:  Two most recent years
    Grades 4 - 10:  Three most recent years
    Grades 11 - 12:  Report cards from all high school years
    (Grades 9 - 11)    
  7. At least two completed reference forms, as follows (submitted online at the Admission Portal via online confidential form sent to the teachers):

Primary (G1 to G5)

One from the principal or counsellor
One from the homeroom teacher

Secondary (G6 to G12)
One from the principal or counsellor
One from either the English or Maths teacher.  

NOTE: Letters from both teachers are preferred.

Step 3.  Admission testing


EC3, EC4 and KG (Kindergarten)

  • 'Play date' assessment event by invitation of the registrar after 15 April.

G1 to G5. Locals only:

  • WIDA test for second language English speakers to determine their reading, writing, speaking and listening levels.
  • A mathematics test in English is administered to the applicant on campus.
Grades 6 - 12:

The completion of online testing and the submission of a writing sample, all of which must be done under supervision either here at PSI or at the student’s current school.

Grades 11 and 12 a meeting (online or in person) with the PSI IB Diploma Coordinator and the counsellor. 

A review for possible admissions will only be undertaken when all documentation is complete.

Please feel free to email us if you have any questions about the admissions process at: